Education Committee

This dynamic duo seeks out interesting, educational opportunities for our members. They strive to provide members with relevant learning experiences for free or very reasonable prices.

Event Committees

Annual Gala & Award Ceremony

This dedicated team aims to produce a bigger and better celebration each year. This event is where we honor our Association, induct new officers and award the best in our area.

Home Show

These committed individuals work hard every year to produce Eastern Connecticut’s most professional home show highlighting to the public – our Association, its members, and the building industry.

Networking / Builder Blends

This small, yet very effective group creates and coordinates relevant Builder Blend gatherings each month, for the sole purpose of networking among our members and invited guests.

Tag Sale

This brand new team is creating a partnership with Habitat Restore for an annual tag sale that will bring overstock and leftover materials to the consumer at extremely reduced costs.

Membership Committee

This essential team investigates and actively recruits prospective new members to our Association for the purpose of growing our membership. These individuals act as hosts and ambassadors at our events and strive to retain existing membership.

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